Product Name


(3-butyl-butyric acid: 98%)


Root formation in plants reproducedasexually
Formation of lateral and adventitious roots in established plantations.
Facilitates fruit set.

IBA 98 SP, is a plant growth regulator. This product applied in the appropriate doses makes an excellent contribution to the development of buds, inflorescence, branches, fruits, etc.

It is an environmentally compatible product with low toxicity to humans, birds, fish, beneficial insects or plants with sensitive or delicate foliage; However, during the application of the product it is recommended to wear personal protective clothing.


1) Promotes cell division. 2) Promotes bud budding. 3) Promotes foliage expansion.
4) Improves root development.
5) Prevents the fall of flowers.
6) Prevents fruit fall.
7) Promotes fruit formation.
8) Induces uniform flowering.
9) Stimulates the growth of the seedling after germination.
10) Increases flowering and fruit size.

Mode of Action

Bio Stimulant

Application Rate

Dilute 4.2

grams or 1 teaspoon of IBA 98% in 1

tablespoonof industrial alcohol

Addto spray water. Soil Drenchor Water Bath

at 4.2 grams/5 gals of water

Pre-Harvest Interval




  • Promotion of stem elongation and growth.
  • Formation of adventitious roots.
  • Inhibition of leaf abscission.
  • Promotion of cell division.
  • Inducement of ethylene production.
  • Promotion of lateral bud dormancy.

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