Newfol Black


Product Name


(Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids, Marine Alga Extract, Amino Acids*)


A Multimineral Foliar Biostimulant.

NEWFOL-BLACK, improves the chelating action of nutrients allowing better absorption and location of them in plants, and allowing the dose to be lowered by 25% and increasing its absorption by 30%.

When fertilizers such as Calcium Nitrate or Potassium are applied, in horticultural crops in the open field or greenhouses, salt concentrations tend to accumulate over the weeks, increasing the electrical conductivity of the soil and blocking the disposition of the elements, entering the plants in nutritional deficiencies.


a). Stimulant of germination, root and foliar growth

b). Provides macronutrients and micronutrients

c). It acts as a corrector of the acidity and salinity of the soil,

d). Stimulates flowering and fruit setting, e). Acts as a chelating and complexing agent, f). Increases fruit quality and crop yield.

Mode of Action

Foliage and Root Nutrient Absorption

Application Rate

Foliar and Soil Drench

1 – 4 ml/gal

Pre-Harvest Interval


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