Newfol F


Product Name


(Organic Nitrogen, Micro Calcium, Micro Iron, Amino Acids*)


Enhances plant growth, rooting, flowering, fruiting and harvest shelf life.

Assists plant recovery from stress due to drought, salinity, pest and diseases.

NEWFOl F SL is a biostimulant for foliar and soil application composed of a complex of 23 amino acids which act as bio-catalysts for plant physiological processes.

Mode of Action

Foliageand Root Nutrient Absorption

Application Rate

Foliar and Soil Drench

1-4 tsp/gal

Pre-Harvest Interval



The use of amino acids and peptides in agriculture as a source of crop nutrients and biostimulants is readily available in the NewFol products in Latin America and around the world.

Marketing Arm International combines a mix amino acids and peptides with macro- and micro-nutrients which increases efficacy and persistence, important characteristics in the NewFol line of products.

The NewFol products contain a series of natural 23 amino acids. Each component, amino acids, macro- and micro-nutrients, has well defined biological mechanisms and specific functions.

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