Product Name

(Acrylamide Potassium Acrylate, Copolymer, Cross-Linked)


Water absorbent polymer

NEWGEL increases the water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes by decreasing the water and nutrient seepage, evaporation and surface runoff.

1 kilogram of NEWGEL is able to absorb up to 250 liter of de-mineralised water. Note: Salts and ions in soil or irrigation water decrease the uptake of liquids under field conditions.
NEWGEL protects plants before they reach their “permanent wilting point.”

NEWGEL Benefits
1. Protects the water and plant nutrients against runoff and leaching. Water which normally drains away now stays in the soil to be available for plants
2. Is an Environmentally Friendly organic polymer that manages the moisture in the soil during drought
3. Extends the period between irrigation periods, an economic benefit
4. Prevents plants from reaching the “permanent wilting point”
5. Improves the soil water retention capacity, aids water availability to plants

Mode of Action

Mixed into the soil, expands retains water

Application Rate

5-10 g/ Sq. meter
33-44 lbs./acre

Pre-Harvest Interval


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