Newgibb 10 SP


Product Name


(Gibberellic Acid)


Growth of stem, foliage, germination of a seed, flowering and fruit ripening. Also stimulates growth after stress from drought, pest or disease.

The active ingredient (Gibberellic acid) is an Environmental Friendly hormone found naturally in plants.

The primary function of NewGibb is promoting growth and elongation of cells and helps plants grow, better flowering and fruit set.

NewGibb has a number of effects on plant development including:

  • Stimulates rapid stem and foliage growth in plants
  • Increases seed germination rate
  • Is used in the grape-growing industry as a hormone to induce the production of larger bundles and bigger grapes
  • Can produce uniform flowering and fruiting stages in plants
  • Stimulates the cells of germinating seeds. It triggers germination in seeds that would otherwise remain dormant.
  • Overcomes dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed
  • Induces premature flowering
  • Increases fruit set
  • Promotes growth. When applied near the terminal bud of trees may increase the rate of growth by stimulating a more or less constant growth during the season.
  • Protects against the effect of frost in fruit trees at full-blossom or when the blossoms begin to wither
  • Improves root formation

Mode of Action

Bio Stimulant

Application Rate

Foliar 1/8 tsp/gal


1/8 tsp/gal

Pre-Harvest Interval



NEWGIBB 10% SP, is a plant hormone that stimulates, enhance and regulates the growth development of plants. The physiological response of the treated plants will depend on the state of development in which they are either stage of germination, growth, flowering and fruiting.

Effects of NewGibb 10 SP

Frost protection:
Spraying fruit trees at full-blossom or when the blossoms begin to wither can offset the detrimental effects of frost.

Stimulating the Flowering and Fruiting: Especially noticeable in species biannual are stimulated flowering exposure needed at low temperatures.

Breaking the dormancy of the seeds: Accelerate the germination of some seeds.

Overcoming dormancy: It induces the sprouting of bulbs and tubers. Treatment with high concentrations is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed.

Eliminating stress caused by diseases: Helps the plant to manage better the stress caused by diseases caused by fungus, bacteria and virus.

Senescent effects Reduce the effect caused by in citrus treated GA3 on post-harvest, before storing them. Geotrichum candidum

Leaves: In most treated plants leaves tare broader than were those of untreated plants.

Petioles: Some treated plants, including young celery were longer and broader than those of control plants.



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