Newmectin EC


Product Name



Biologica lMiticide
Insecticide. Controls: PESTS: White Mite , Toaster Mite, Red Spider, Leaf Miner, Aphids, Miner, Trips , Whitefly, Red Spider, White Mite, Pinworm, Aphids, Mealybug, Coffee Drill Bit, Diamondback moth.

NEWMECTIN 1.8 EC, is a broad-spectrum product that inactivates arthropod species including mites and insects.

In arthropods, NEWMECTIN 1.8 EC inhibits the transmission signal at neuromuscular junctions; this pathway is the same amplification mechanism as GABA action. Mites and insects are irreversibly paralyzed and thus die.

Mode of Action

Contact/ Translaminar

Application Rate

Foliar 1 – 1½

Tsp / 5 Gallons

Pre-Harvest Interval

3 – 5 Days

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