Phyton 27


Product Name

PHYTON-27 (Coppersulphate pentahydrate)


Bacteria: Erwinia sp.,
Xanthomonas, etc
Fungi: All foliar and Soil
Fungi-Mildews, Botrytis,
Alternaria, Phytophthora,

PHYTON-27 is an Environmentally Friendly Product. It is safe for operator, domestic animals, etc. PHYTON-27 is biodegraded rapidly in the environment and inside the plant and it does not cause pest resistance.
EPA Exempt and Organic Cropping

The active ingredient of PHYTON-27/24 is exempt of tolerance of residue in treated crops by the US-EPA, so PHYTON-27 can be used in the Export Crops, without the problems of illegal pesticide residues. Also, PHYTON-27/24 is approved and recommended for used in Organic Cropping.

Mode of Action


Application Rate

Foliar and Soil Drench

1 – 4 tsp/gal

Pre-Harvest Interval



PHYTON-27/24 is biodegraded rapidly in the environment and inside the plant. Also, it does not cause pest resistance and can be used in rotation with other chemical pesticides to delay pest resistance development of chemical pesticides.

PHYTON-27/24 is an Environmental friendly product that is approved for use in Organic Cropping. Because of the systemic effect of PHYTON-27/24, it reduces by 98% the Cu amount going in to the environment when using conventional copper fungicides.

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